Cushion and protect your business with FiNAC Furniture and Fixtures Management System

It is an exceptional Datamation Furniture and Fixtures Management system, developed with a focus to add value to your business. Our commitment to the furniture and fixtures industry is an outcome of our extensive understanding of all processes and practical day-to-day software requirements. Software must be custom-made and ship shaped for businesses to excel uninterrupted. With our wealth and knowledge of experience, we will ensure that your software works hard for you. For over three decades we have continuously developed modules for a variety of sectors including the furniture and fixtures industry.


  • Maintain raw material stock / finished goods with multiple conversion of unit of measure ( meters to sq.meter)
  • Ability to maintain multiple locations. (stores, raw material / finished goods damage store etc)
  • User defined stock reorder levels and quantities
  • Customized sales order
  • Multiple sub BOQ facility for a single job.
  • Ability to forecast raw material availability based on BOQ
  • Ability to accommodate last moment fabric changes in BOQ for sales order
  • Duplicate BOQ details for a new finish good
  • Customer order – job entry raised based on the BOQ and sub BOQ
  • Production order along with required raw materials
  • Deduction of raw materials utilization will be based on BOQ , when finished good note is raised
  • Stock variance adjustments (addition and deduction) are raised automatically based on actual quantity utilized in manufacturing against BOQ Qty
  • Job costing with labor cost / overheads & other expenses
  • Multiple invoices for single sales order.
  • Partial delivery facility
  • Actual vs budget stock report base on the BOQ
  • Integrate with FiNAC ERP system/ oracle


  • Stock age analysis
  • Non available raw material listing
  • Raw material / finished goods stock balance report
  • BOQ vs actual report
  • Diff. of SO and current stock
  • Required items report
  • Item wise sales report
  • Collection reports
  • Job variance stock report
  • Required items report
  • Invoice vs. dispatch report
  • Payment details report
  • BOQ & sub BOQ report
  • Inter location stock transfer
  • Accounts receivable - debtor reports
  • Accounts payable - creditor reports
  • Financial report

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